The cooperative implementation of SDGs can launch the beginning of a new era

2015 may be remembered as a pivotal year for the peoples of the earth and for our planet. It is no coincidence that 2015 was proclaimed “World Action Year” by the United Nations, which organizes in New York from 25 to 27 September the largest meeting of economic and political leaders in its history. Politicians, spiritual and business leaders as well as top representatives of civil society are about to gather to agree on 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

NEPAD intends to play its role as a true representative for Africa. The fight against poverty is at the heart of the tasks entrusted to NEPAD from the beginning. Fighting poverty means reducing inequality between people, countries and genders. This also requires developing agriculture, which employs more than 60% of the population in Africa. That involves orchestrating all the initiatives for building the infrastructures that will unlock Africa’s economic take-off.

Africa’s best weapon to fight poverty is to create the conditions for a sustainable and lasting growth.

We have long advocated dialogue between all the components of our societies to achieve that goal. In Africa, through the Continental Business Network, an initiative that brings together business leaders and heads of state to discuss concretely, we will accelerate the implementation of bankable projects.

It is with this spirit of determination and progress that I will participate with enthusiasm and hope in the summit that begins on Friday in New York. Because in a world where global governance is facing challenges of trust, the cooperative implementation of SDGs can launch the beginning of a new era, most notably for Africa’s rise.

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