• Africa Common Passport as a Catalyst to Boost Intra-Africa Travel and Trade

    During the Twenty Seventh (27th) Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government, which took place in July 2016, in Rwanda, the Chadian President, H.E. Idriss Deby, remarked on receiving the African Union passport, “I feel deeply and proudly a true son of Africa after receiving this passport.” Two months later, […]

  • NEPAD Annual Report

    The NEPAD Annual Report 2016 is now available here. This Report highlights some of the work we did during the past year and our projects for the years to come. I invite you to take a look at it. Your suggestions and comments are welcome on that blog. I will definitely answer all of your questions […]

  • India and Africa: a crucial relationship

    Last July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an official visit to our continent, meeting with Heads of States in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. Notably, his arrival in Mozambique marked the first time an Indian Prime Minister visited the East African Nation in 34 years. The visit was meant to deepen and strengthen India-Africa […]

  • No Marshall Plan for Africa, Please!

    “Cologne Memorandum” for a Different Development Policy This is a guest post from a collective of scholars and practitioners of development aid as well as diplomats who have served in Africa. They met at a conference of the Bonn Appeal in Cologne, Germany, to discuss the state of development aid for Africa and the conclusions to […]

  • Towards a development model for Africa based on human capital.

    In my previous posts, I have made reference to the facilitation that Nepad is doing to attract investment into African projects. But Africa needs much more than money and infrastructure. In order to transform its economies in a world fuelled by information and driven by knowledge, Africa needs to build on its knowledge capital. The […]

  • Manifesto for 2017

    Dear friends, I was keen to send you, today itself, my very best wishes for 2017. May this year be rich, full of promise and may all your projects be met with success. This is a pivotal year for our continent, indeed, it will be marked by a change of leadership at the head of the […]

  • Fighting inequalities in Africa : the role of the State is crucial !

    Today, we need to struggle against the biggest disease on our continent: inequality. Indeed, of the 10 most unequal countries in the world, 7 are in Africa. We cannot ignore that anymore: inequality leads to lower and less sustainable growth and thus less poverty reduction (Berg, Ostry and Zettelmeyer 2012). We definitely need to act […]

  • Urbanization should not be a byword for chaos

    Back in 1972, Fela Kuti struck the exact right note when he described the already awful crawl of Lagos’s perpetual traffic jams in his epic “Go Slow” track. The song meaning has never been truer than today and could be even sung in every corner of Africa. Our continent is the world’s fastest urbanizing continent […]

  • The Future of Africa: Our Youth

    By 2050, Africa will have reached a population of 2.5 billion inhabitants, representing a quarter of the world population. And more significantly, with an average age of 24 years, Africa will be the youngest continent representing the biggest workforce pool in the world. This will represent a huge demographic advantage as much as a challenge […]

  • Entrepreneurship in Africa is not a magic recipe !

    Today, Africa is showing more than ever that it is a continent of growth and opportunity. However, this should not hide the many challenges the continent is coping with: job creation is one of them, and not the least. This is why entrepreneurship is central to Africa’s future prosperity: the entrepreneur is supposed to identify […]