Second Africa Rural Development Forum in Yaoundé

Last week, the NEPAD Agency with the support of and in collaboration with OECD, CIRAD and other partners including FAO, GIZ and AfDB, hosted the 2nd Africa Rural Development Forum in Yaoundé, under the theme “Transforming Africa’s Rural Space through Youth Empowerment, Job Creation and Skills Development.”

It aimed at providing a platform for exchange and peer learning on experiences and insights in catalyzing and fostering job creation and skills development in rural-based agri and non-agri-systems as key components to advance rural development.

That two-day conference concluded last Friday with renewed calls to economically empower young people. Today, it is striking to see that Africa’s high economic growth rates have not translated into high levels of employment and reductions in poverty for youth and those living in rural areas.

Today, attaining Africa’s Agenda 2063 aspirations and goals to a large extent depends on the transformation of rural areas. Indeed, it has be made obvious that Africa’s fight against poverty, hunger and unemployment will be won or lost in rural areas.

You’ll find more information on that conference here and here.

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